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Amber For Children

Laboratory Certified Baltic Amber


Healing Amber...Resting close to your body & soul

Nature Beauty Healing

Fossilized tree resin. Rich in Succinic Acid

Amber Pet Collars

Beauty & care for your devoted friends


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  • " Definitely, the best customer service I've ever encountered. Went above and beyond to contact me to make sure my little girl got her necklace as quick as possible. Would definitely recommend to everyone looking for amber products"

    - Lorraine

  • " Best customer service I have ever dealt with answered all of my questions and best of all my amber anklet was at my door less than 24hrs after ordering it and it fits perfect! Thanks so much guys!"

    - Ciara

  • " Excellent services I purchased amber beads for my daughter and received them the next morning in the post! Very helpful and friendly people I highly recommend them. Thanks again!"

    - Karen

  • " Lovely and affordable items. Love my bracelet and beads for my 2 children. Thank you so much, will recommend you to everyone!"

    - Egle

  • " I bought an amber necklace for my son. I put it on him for the first time when he was drooling and in a lot of pain. It really really helped! I can't recommend this enough as a natural alternative to Calpol!"

    - Linda

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